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Founder and owner of The HomeScholar LLC

Our mission is helping parents homeschool high school.

Unlock the mysteries of the college application process! Let Lee Binz show you how to ...

  • Find a College that will Perfectly Fit your Teen 
    Learn how to assess location, fit, affordability, worldview, degree choices and other critical statistics.


  • Guide your Teen in Writing the Perfect College Application Essay
    Understand what colleges are looking for and learn how to convert your teen's  awesome homeschool experiences into compelling essays that will demand admission and scholarship attention.


  • Prepare Homeschool Records That Open Doors 
    Understand the critical components of homeschool records that will set your teen above their peers and open doors for admission, scholarships and scholastic success.
  • Plan for the Bittersweet Transition from Homeschooling to Launch
    Learn the loving art of letting go so you can release your teen with joy and confidence.

Please join me and learn strategies that will help you effectively guide your teen through the critical, yet sometimes daunting, college application process.

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