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Our mission is helping parents homeschool high school.

Understand the Pre-college and College Admission Tests!

Learn about the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, ACT®, and CLT; how they've changed, when to take them, and how to determine which test will set your student apart from the crowd. 

  • Understand the Best Test Prep Strategies for Homeschoolers.

    Learn the easiest and most effective test prep strategies that will raise your student's score without breaking your normal homeschool routine.

  • Understand the Payoff for Proper Preparation.

    Learn how simple steps you take now can lead to fabulous admission and scholarship decisions and enable your student to graduate college debt free.

  • Understand High School Subject Tests.

    Lock in your learning with our free white paper on high school subject tests and workshop workbook.

Please join me and overcome "parental test anxiety" and learn the best tests to choose for your child and how to help them perform their best on them. 

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