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Learn How to Make Homeschool Records that Open Doors!

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Learn how to create professional records that will convince colleges that your student is worthy of admission and the highest possible scholarships.

  • Homeschoolers Can Compete for the Largest College Scholarships!

    No matter how humble your homeschool, you can compete and WIN scholarships over the students coming from the most intense college-prep high schools.

  • Your Homeschool Records are the Key to Opening the Gate to College Admission and Scholarships

    Presenting colleges with professional, thorough, and beautiful homeschool records can give your student a HUGE competitive advantage over the two-dimensional transcript that most applicants provide.

Please join me and learn how to create homeschool records that will open doors of opportunity to your homeschooled teen!

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Lee Binz

Founder of The HomeScholar LLC

Our mission is helping parents homeschool high school.


"My daughter is in 9th grade, and I will be using more of your products as we go along. We are seeing many of our homeschooling friends throw in the towel at High School, and part of that is the fear of not being accredited and difficult in keeping records. I am telling them about your books, web site and services. You have a gift for explaining things clearly and are very encouraging. I am convinced there are fewer parents more paranoid than ones starting to homeschool and ones who have children in high school, so we need all the help we can get."

~ Martha in Georgia