Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child

Help Your Homeschool Graduate Stand Out from the Crowd - Limited Seats!

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Don't change your homeschool to fit a 'college box'!

You can make a transcript even if your child is not in the center of the bell-shaped curve! Let me show you how to ...

  • Create a transcript whether your child is gifted or struggling; artistically inclined or mathematically geeky.

    Your transcript can be impressive regardless of how advanced or focused your child is.

  • Collect credits from all styles of homeschool education.

    Wherever you are on the classical to unschooling continuum, you can capture high school credits accurately and fairly.

  • Create a transcript even if your child has homeschooled their entire life or is a recent import from a public or private school.

    Whatever their educational background, your child's transcript can perfectly capture their unique skills and individual life history.

Please join me and learn how to create a transcript for your unique child and help them stand out from the crowd of applicants.

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Lee Binz

Founder of The HomeScholar LLC

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"Lee is extremely professional and relevant to homeschooling. All her tips and recommendations are clearly explained and ideas I wouldn't have considered. The voice of experience (successful experience at that) is always valuable!"

~Kathy (Workshop Feedback)